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Low Impact Development (LID) Project

Woodward Park Bridewell Parking Lot Project

 Field Visit Schedule 

  * The partnership members visited the project site on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013.

 Site Location 
* Woodward Avenue / Bridewell Avenue
* Manteca, California    
* Constructed in May 2013

 Stormwater Benefits 
* Natural treatment of runoff
* Reduced volume of runoff 
* Reduced velocity of runoff
* Reduced directly connected impervious areas (DCIA)

 Key Features  
* 2.3 acres New Parking Lot
* 164 new parking stalls
* ADA access ramp from the parking lot to the park fields
* LED Lights
* ADA Compliance for Ramp Access to Public Parks
* AB 1881 Compliance
* Rubber Wheel Stop (Made in California)
* Vegetated Swales
* Bioretention Area
* No direct discharge to city's storm drain system
* Zero storm discharge for up to a 10-year 24-hour storm event 
* No treatment filters are needed with bioretention cell and vegetated swales
* Erosivity Waiver Project by the California State Water Resources Control Board

Bioretention Area and Vegetated Swale 1

Bioretention Area and Vegetated Swale 2

Conventional Curb and Gutter with a Curb Opening

Catch Basin without Concrete Collar

Combination: Conventional Valley Gutter and Bioretention Cell

Flush Curb and Rubber Wheel Stop (Recycled in California)

LED Lights and AB 1881 Compliance

 Erosivity Waver Project  
The Bridewell parking lot project is approved for "Erosive Waiver."

Calculation for rainfall erosive waiver: 
Rainfall Erosivity Waiver Calculation

 Layout Plan for the Project  
Bridewell Parking Lot - Layout

 Contact for More Info   
Koosun Kim, PE, QSD
(209) 862-4448

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